Car Central Locking / Reverse Parking Sensor

Car Central Locking is among our range of car central locking kits which fetches convenience, safety and luxury of locking and unlocking of car doors. All such facilities might be availed with the turn of one key or press of a button. The locking operates from the driver door key, or locking kit can be connected to any alarm with central locking control.

Alloy Wheels
We have the largest collection of Alloy Wheels like Diamond Cut Alloys, Smoked effect alloys, Chrome Alloys etc..

Information Systems
The Cuostomer can choose different types of information systems like Touchscreen Bluetooth AV Systems, Navigation, Surround Sound, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay.

Car Footmats Or Floormats

Auctotricks Trivandrum presents the clients with the tough and durable year round security through its car Footmats and floor mats. Such floor mats end all the desperation of the clients by protecting them through mud, dirt or snow. This superior offering of mats is fairly comfy under-foot and good to shoes. Besides protecting carpet, they are eye-catching and effective at the same time. Pliable natural rubber is used along with intensely sculpted channels and an outer rim to resist water, sand, road salt and mud from being under the heels. For the reason of the deep ridge design, dirt goes out of the shoes and stays locked in the mat. This offers added defense for your shoes as well as your carpet.

Car Mobile, Laptop Chargers And Fog Light


In case of driving, you might feel irritated if your mobile or laptop goes out of steam and stops working. This situation could be put on hold by placing car mobile and laptop chargers. Auto Tricks Thiruvanthapuram provides virtually all sorts of basic mobile and laptop chargers for charging a range of mobile phones and laptops. Nokia, Kyocera, Samsung, Reliance, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and other mobile chargers are being offered from us in the car mobile charger section. Highly effective and advanced laptop chargers have been presented with lots of salient features to come good on the advanced and sophisticated expectations of a vast range of clients.

Car Steering Covers, Seat Beats, Seat Belt Cover, Side Curtains

We offer a variety of steering wheel covers for those who crave to improve the interior of their vehicle along with protecting the steering wheel. Such covers have been offered from our side in the price range you can afford. These car steering covers come in cloth, vinyl, terrycloth, sheepskin, wool and leather, and the majority of the clients go with the leather one. Superior quality of top-grain leather cover is being sold like a hot cake which is smooth and subtle. Our range of steering covers come with the ease of installation and fits perfectly on the wheel. Along with the neutral black, a fine range of colors is offered in the steering section to match the car’s interior.

Car Body Covers

The car body covers we offer are 100% water and dust proof, and shields car paints from fading. They come with heat resistant quality for being made up of special fabric and keep interior cool. Apart from protecting the car from harmful pollution, UV rays, car body covers from our side are water repellent with double stitched seams for utmost strength. They stay off car’s finish from dirt and airborne contaminants.

Car MP3 Player

Auto Tricks Thiruvanthapuram brings to you a thick collection of car MP3 players to kindle the desire to be in the all sorts of music while driving. Our MP3 Players stand out to be counted on the basis of their sassy sound and superb design. Such music players go well to the all needs of our clients and find good takers. Music might be enjoyed at length through car MP3 player.

LCD Screens

Auto Tricks Thiruvanthapuram is all set to turn your vehicle into the ultimate driving’ theater, and this mind-blowing experience can be availed with our vast selection of LCD screens. There could be noting as perfect as the LCD screens to take the entrainment to the next level.  in the reach to watch TV or a movie while driving in a car with having a monitor mounted up front. Clear and precise picture with sound is a dream of many to be achieved while on the drive, and with the LCD screens of diverse sizes and ranges, our customers are more than happy.

Car Stereo


Auto Tricks Thiruvanthapuram  endows its customers with car stereo of top-notch to help remove the boredom of a long drive. Such stereos have been presented with commanding speakers to dish out fine-tuned sound. It comprises speakers with polypropylene woofers to get a step closer to avail a rich sound. Only a quality sound might create the magic and kindle the desire to be driven a bit further. Our car stereo has got the knack to let you drive more with a sense of calm, and all sorts of music is round the corner on a push of a button.

Car DVD Player

DVD players for cars are all the rage these days and turning out to be more and more popular by each passing day. To cash in on the growing trends of car DVD Player, we also have forayed in this bandwagon with a bang. A vast collection of DVD Players are being served up and installed in our customers


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